Indian Vegetarian Caterers

Event Catering

Catering for your special event with full buffet service or table service.

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Canape Events

Catering for your special event with welcome drinks and evening receptions and canapes.

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Buffet & Table Service

We offer a range of vegetarian food items and catering waiter services 

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Nasto & Farsan Products


Order your items online for collection or delivery. Choose from a range of vegetarian snacks. 

Bakery Products

Choose from a range of vegetarian bakery items. Order your items online for collection or delivery. 

Chevdo & Ganthia Items

Choose from a wide variety of freshly made chedvdo, ganthia, farsan, bhusoo and sev items.  Order your items online for collection or delivery.

Indian Vegetarian Caterers

Saya Caterers are renown for their high quality Indian Catering services in Birmingham. We offer a wide range of Indian Vegetarian Cuisine for all occasions from grand wedding and receptions to religious events and birthday parties. We cater for events throughout the Midlands and North of England with a complete professional waiter and catering service to complete your event.

We cater for events from small family functions such as birthday parties and religious events at home or community halls, through to wedding and event catering at hotels and grand exhibition venues.

Pure Vegetarian Sattvic Catering (no onions or garlic)

As Indian Vegetarian Caterers, we specialising in Gujarati & Indian vegetarian food items using fresh and high quality ingredients to give our catering the best authentic flavours without the use of onions or garlic.

Our Menus & Waiter Service

If you’re looking for Gujarati Indian Vegetarian Caterers in Birmingham, look no further than Saya caterers.
Check out our menus here to see the wide range of foods we offer, from a full sit down table service meal to light lunches, buffets, pre-wedding event buffet. We can also provide a delivery only option where you have a small family gathering and require a helping hand with the food only.
Contact us with your requirements and we will create a tailormade package to best-suit your special occasion.

Over 20 year experience

With our many years of experience, our production of food take place in a high quality, council approved and external audited kitchen which ensure our food production and processes follow the highest food handling procedures giving our clients piece of mind that they are choosing a reputable company to cater for their special event.